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Tips to Choose Best Overseas Education Consultancy

Master degree from recognized international university add the value to students professional life. So, many of the students are planning to study abroad to add a value to their career. Most of the students who are interested to go abroad are often worried about choosing the right Overseas education consultant.

Overseas education consultant plays an important role in a student who want to go abroad for higher education. Choosing a right education consultancy will surely add the value to your professional career.

Follow the below tips to find a best Overseas education Consultancy.


1. History of Consultant:

Before choosing a education consultancy, go through with the history of that consultancy. Then you will find the success rate of the visa it has offered for their students. You can also check with their previous records.

2. Need for Advice

Choose a consultancy, which can offer a advice for their students from the course, college and country selection to till the admission process end.

3. Financial Requirements for the studies

Your choosing overseas education consultant should have the ability to guide you for the finance required and also facilities to arrange all the financial documents in time with in a required format.

4. Guiding the student in obtaining the Visa and Fee Transfer

Study consultants should assist the applicants to prepare visa application and other requirements to ensure visa success. After that they need to supports the students to transfer fee through trusted financial institutions.

5. Arrange Accommodation.

Choosing study consultant should arrange all the facilities to stay at abroad as per students needs and budget.

There are more other factors to consider while choosing a best education consultancy to make your abroad dream true.  Foreign Horizons is one of the Internationally recognized overseas education consultant, offers high quality services and guidance for approaching students. Many of students from foreign horizons are completed their higher education at abroad in their desired courses with all the facilities.

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Study Abroad – Factors to consider

Planning to study abroad? Well, that is really a good idea. It can open multiple doors to success for you but do you know your choice matters a lot. You need to consider various things which really go into making of a successful career.

Here, we have listed down factors that affect any study abroad plan.

Study Program – The first that is of great importance is your choice of program. Select a program that suits your degree or your education. If it doesn’t match your degree or doesn’t show any relevance then you need to look for other options. study-abroad

Cost of Study or Living – Of course, the course you select will come with a price tag. Yes, there are short-term and long-term courses. Each course will be charged at considerable amount. Taking the program that is more affordable is always recommended. Taking a program which you can’t get the funds for is not a good thing. Of course, you will have to consider the cost of living too. So, be careful when you select any college / course etc.

Payment Options – Look for the payment options too. Some courses may require you to pay as per the semesters. So, get info on the same so that you do not get any trouble in paying the course fee.

College / University – What is your preferred college or university? This is important. If you just accept the choices given by your education consultant then it may not be good. Select your country, your preferred college or university or at least the best option with closest relevance.

Stay – Your stay in any foreign country depends upon your length of the course. If you do not want to stay longer then you need to take any of the short-term courses (or you can take the long-term course as per your wish).

Earning Options – Is there any option for you to earn while you undergo the program at your chosen college or university? If you can earn while you study in a foreign country then you will have great chances to direct your career in the right way. Most of the students look for this option as this gives the opportunity to stabilize life and be more independent too. It should also be said that there are many courses which offer internship options or other local projects or local activities or programs which can help students embark on great career opportunities. So, get the information related to all such courses and if they match your degree then you can go for one of them.

Your life in a foreign country – Life in a foreign country can always be very challenging. It can have its own effects, good or bad. And in most of the cases, troubles for students arise because of the wrong course they have chosen. Therefore, select a course which can at least minimize or completely eliminate your trouble and help you gain a good experience of study abroad. It should meet your expectation levels, comfort-level and cultural immersion, academic interaction, social interaction etc.

Accommodation – Looking for suitable accommodation facilities is needed too. Your educational consultant can be of great help. Ask your service provider to help you get accommodation services. Experienced overseas consultants provide these accommodation services too.

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