One of the Best Educational Consultancy.

Are you looking for the perfect overseas education consultancy? Overseas Education Consultants who can help you turn your dreams into reality – a dream of studying at one of the best universities in Australia, UK, US, New Zealand? Well, we have listed down a few of the major qualities that you should look for in your consultants.

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Experience in Education Abroad

Experience is the the first crucial factor that you should look for. Find out for how many years your consultant has been in this business of offering overseas education advice, services? People who have lived such experience can be the best source to give you the best advice. When you are not sure of their experience (which often gets displayed through their talk) it would be better to step back and look for the other experienced professionals.


How does your consultant talk to you? Talk to you in a friendly way with all patience and professionalism? Focus on what he / she talks. Is he / she a smooth talker, trying to extract money from you? A perfect consultant will never go wrong and will never try to talk you into something which you may not want. Therefore, pay attention to how your agency people talk to you.


How would you know that the agency you have approached is reliable and will help you get admission at one of the best universities in the US, UK, Australia etc.? Well, to know about this, you will have to ask them for some solid proof. Get to know more about the people they have already helped. A good foreign education consultancy will always show feedback and the testimonials from previous students.

University / course selection advice

As a student, you may have dreams to study at one of the best universities in English countries. But in order to convert those dreams into a reality, you will need assistance from professionals who know more about the process. Only experienced professionals can guide you the right way. They can tell you more of which university can be the best and what course can be suitable for you etc. Of course, you may have plenty of choices when it comes to selecting a university or a course but selecting the best that suits your needs and your budget is important. If you get attracted to great prospect but the choice you have made lays pressure on you then you may get confused and distracted.


As a student you may not know how the process would be initiated and completed. In fact, there are many agencies which do not let students know about it. They just say that they would do it for so and so amount. But, a good agency would not do such a thing. In fact, it would give all necessary information which students should know of. They would explain all the process and keep the process transparent too so that the applicants can rely on them as well.

Are you looking for overseas education consultants? Get in touch with Foreign Horizons. Get reliable assistance to turn your dreams into a reality.


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