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Why Canada should be your Destination for Education Abroad?

Canada is fast becoming one of the best overseas education destinations. We see a large number of students showing preference to study, work and live in Canada. Here, we have listed down a few of the major reasons for studying in Canada (reach trusted overseas education consultants, Foreign Horizons to know more about the details related to education in Canada. Foreign Horizons offers free overseas education consultation services).

International Education System

Canada is known for its innovative education system. It is the country where academic excellence is already at its peak. It is a home to a number of reputed universities with higher international rankings.


Students can have plenty of choices when it comes to selecting a course that is more appropriate for their career. There are universities which offer short-term and long-term courses. There are other vocational courses too which can be opted by the students in order to experience education in Canada

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Study in Canada

Importance of Canadian Degree

If you are lucky enough to get Canadian degree then you can certainly have great number of opportunities to establish or strengthen your career. As universities in Canada are internationally recognized so you will surely get preference from employers. Degree you manage to get in Canada are equivalent to degree from one of the reputed universities in the US or other renowned universities spread across commonwealth countries (There are various options for the students when it comes to selecting a degree. They can go for regular academic programs or can go for one of the best professional courses).

Tuition Fee

In comparison to studying in the UK, US and other English countries such as Australia and New Zealand, students may not have to put more money in enrolling for one of their chosen courses. This is, in fact, one of the main reasons why students across the globe, prefer Canada to other countries.

Canada is peaceful, a safe country for students across the globe.

No matter where you are from, you can feel safe in Canada as it is a country where peace prevails. It is politically much more stable than many of the English countries across the globe. Students can have wonderful time for sure.

Multicultural experience

One can find people from almost all parts of the world. So, this means, one has the opportunity to learn different cultures and traditions. Moreover, government pays more respect to all cultures and traditions, endeavours to retain and preserve the uniqueness of the cultures which people from various countries have brought to Canada.

Work opportunities

If you graduate from one of the universities in Canada then you can have greater number of opportunities to find work in one of the best companies not just in Canada but in any country across the globe.

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Top 5 Qualities of a Perfect Overseas Education Consultancy

Are you looking for the perfect overseas education consultancy? Overseas Education Consultants who can help you turn your dreams into reality – a dream of studying at one of the best universities in Australia, UK, US, New Zealand? Well, we have listed down a few of the major qualities that you should look for in your consultants.

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Experience in Education Abroad

Experience is the the first crucial factor that you should look for. Find out for how many years your consultant has been in this business of offering overseas education advice, services? People who have lived such experience can be the best source to give you the best advice. When you are not sure of their experience (which often gets displayed through their talk) it would be better to step back and look for the other experienced professionals.


How does your consultant talk to you? Talk to you in a friendly way with all patience and professionalism? Focus on what he / she talks. Is he / she a smooth talker, trying to extract money from you? A perfect consultant will never go wrong and will never try to talk you into something which you may not want. Therefore, pay attention to how your agency people talk to you.


How would you know that the agency you have approached is reliable and will help you get admission at one of the best universities in the US, UK, Australia etc.? Well, to know about this, you will have to ask them for some solid proof. Get to know more about the people they have already helped. A good foreign education consultancy will always show feedback and the testimonials from previous students.

University / course selection advice

As a student, you may have dreams to study at one of the best universities in English countries. But in order to convert those dreams into a reality, you will need assistance from professionals who know more about the process. Only experienced professionals can guide you the right way. They can tell you more of which university can be the best and what course can be suitable for you etc. Of course, you may have plenty of choices when it comes to selecting a university or a course but selecting the best that suits your needs and your budget is important. If you get attracted to great prospect but the choice you have made lays pressure on you then you may get confused and distracted.


As a student you may not know how the process would be initiated and completed. In fact, there are many agencies which do not let students know about it. They just say that they would do it for so and so amount. But, a good agency would not do such a thing. In fact, it would give all necessary information which students should know of. They would explain all the process and keep the process transparent too so that the applicants can rely on them as well.

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Why study at Australia – The Role of Overseas Education Consultants

Why study at Australia and the role of your overseas education consultants in helping you take better overseas education decisions?

Australia is one of the first choices of many of the students who would like to study in a foreign country where they can have the chance to experience international education in true sense plus opportunities to make a great career.

Australia is one of the most preferred destination. It is recorded to be the best home for lakhs of students from all over the world. Here, we have listed down a few of the reasons why people prefer to study in Australia.

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Australia, the land of Kangaroo, is simply a great place. It has dynamic, and vibrant cities which are rated as the best among the best in international cities in terms of quality and cultur
e. It is a place where it can be easier to make friends (as Aussies are known to be friendly towards the foreigners). This English-speaking country is safe for students no matter where they are coming from. It simply offers the best standard of living.

Excellence in education

Australia is known to provide high-class education. There can be various choices for the learners. They can choose from a plenty of courses – full-time, part-time, technical, non-technical, arts, science, social, medicine, vocational etc. System of education in Australia is known to be the best. We find universities which have great international reputation. Students can have the choice to learn from experts, imbibe new skills and new cultures (as one can see students from almost all parts of the world).

Technology-oriented teaching

Australia has unmatched reputation when it comes to innovation in teaching. It is known to adopt all latest technologies which promise of great learning experiences. Students can have a multitude of opportunities to learn and carry out research too.

What does your Australian qualification show?

If you are lucky enough to get Australian qualification in your chosen stream of education or subject then it can really a mean a lot of things. It can open doors for you to take yourself to success you dream of. Australian education is recognized world-wide. There are prestigious universities across the globe which readily accept students who belong to one of the Australian universities. Moreover, there can be various job opportunities too.

Culture, Tradition

Australia is a country where you can find people from almost all parts of the world which means you can have the chance to learn and imbibe new cultures and traditions.

Student Visa

In comparison to UK / US Visa, it can be easier to get student visa for Australia. Yes, it would not be a lengthy process. Even if someone gets rejected first time then it is possible to get entry second time. Provided right approach is taken.


Well, living in Australia is not that expensive. Yes, students can live better life.


A degree from any Australian university can certainly lead to great job opportunities. There are various companies where successful candidates can apply for. Candidates, right after their education in Australia, can have the chance to work in one of the best companies too. They can easily get work permit too (in comparison to UK and US).

Do you want to study in Australia?

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