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Until an individual reaches higher secondary stage, he/she might never think about career seriously. However, once the completion of higher secondary school education is nearing or after completing, it becomes highly important for any individual to select the right career. He/she should also identify the career goal at this stage compulsorily. The individual should select the right career option considering the market demand in mind. It is equally important to choose the right educational institution for higher education after higher secondary. The problem here is that most students are not in a position to identify their potentials and areas of interests. In this case, pressure starts to build, particularly when their friends have already identified their career goals.


Career Counselling

Help of career counselor:

This is where the help of a career counselor will get into the picture. However, the candidate should be highly careful about selecting an experienced and qualified counselor. When the best counselor is chosen, the candidate can get the right assistance in discovering his/her potential and aptitude and the candidate will get the appropriate suggestion from the counselor. Career counselors generally arrive at the decision after understanding about the personality, interests and aptitude of a candidate seeking their help. With a wide range of job prospects available these days, the importance of the help of a career counselor has also increased considerably. Even, students and their parents these days are aware of the fact that each one cannot become a doctor or an engineer. So, they are ready to explore other fields based on their interests and talents.

Importance of career counseling:

When you are unsure about selecting a career path, getting the help of a career counselor alone can be the right decision. The counselor will help you in determining your course of life. You can understand the importance of career counseling by understanding the fact that a good career chosen at the right time can make your life pleasant. On the flip side, a wrong career choice can ruin your life and will reduce your peace to a great extent. Also, the thing to remember here is that a decision made towards your career is irreversible. If you have a dilemma in selecting one or other career path, a career counselor will help you in arriving at the right decision.

Benefits of career counseling:

A career counselor will help you in identifying your true potential. Career counselors judge the potential of candidates seeking their help by conducting regular aptitude tests and by talking to them. So, they can provide the right guidance in identifying the true potential, such that a candidate can himself arrive at the best decision with respect to his career. Not just in this regard, but also for clarification of doubts regarding career, a career counselor can be the best source of information. Also, such a professional will provide the right support and motivation needed for a candidate in identifying his strengths and weaknesses in such a way that the right career choice can be made.


It is highly important that every candidate should understand the importance of career counseling, such that the best decision can be made.


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