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The Impact of Overseas Education on Career

There is no denying that international experience holds a lot of value when it comes to new career opportunities. Study abroad returnees or those who look forward to settle down in the country they have pursued their education from can really have a plethora of opportunity to start their career with a bang and be more successful in their personal and professional life too.

It would surely be of great importance to mention here that the employers who give more preference to international education are on the rise. We find companies who want to hire people who have international education. Companies hire people with international education because they know the candidates with a foreign degree may possess all those skills which are requisite for a great corporate culture. Of course, they would not want to hire a person who doesn’t have such skills…..

No matter what study abroad program you choose, there are chances that you improve your skills, learn new culture, develop a global mindset and become a part of the greatest, diversified workforce.

What do employers look for?

Today, employers look for candidates who have diverse set of skills. Studying at one of the best colleges or universities, students get the chance to improve their skills (not just edu skills but other skills too such as communication, behavioural, time management and other essential essentials).

  • Tolerance of Ambiguity (in other words, accepting culture / values of other people, their attitude, their adaptability etc).

  • Curiosity (always on the lookout for learning new things / learning new experiences)

  • Confidence (trust in one’s own abilities, own competence)

  • Serenity (much more aware of one’s own strengths, weaknesses)

  • Decisiveness (ability to take better decisions / decisions that may bring expected outcome)

  • Vigour (the ability to find solutions for all the problems)

  • Understanding (ability to understand things more easily)

The factors given above are the characteristics of the personality traits and they play a crucial role in enhancing the work environment. Therefore these factors are labelled as essential for employability too (as employers stress more on them).

Employers consider international experience as one of the major contributors to success (as this leads to development of the transversal skills).

Naturally, anyone who is away from one’s own home / country will learn more of independent living. There will be this curiosity or openness to take new challenges in life, an attitude to look at the problems with all confidence and take the best decisions. Students studying abroad learn or develop other necessary traits like tolerance, patience, and other personal values and behaviours.

Moreover, companies want to hire only those candidates who can mingle with their culture. As most of the companies have employees who are from various different backgrounds / countries with different mindset so they may want to hire only those who can show great adaptability skills to move on and be a part of the corporate environment that is rich in diversity.

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